Friday, May 8, 2009

How to Make a Proper Bed

Here's how to make a comfy but hotel room-neat bed.

1. First, slip a fitted sheet onto your mattress.

2. Then, place your flat sheet over your fitted sheet and smooth over to remove the wrinkes.

3. Fold a "hospital corner" at the lower corners of the mattress. A "hospital corner" is when you fold your fitted sheet's ends into 45-degree corners.

4. Leave the upper part (the one near the pillows) of your flat sheet untucked. This is for you to be able to slip into your bed easily.

5. Place your comforter over your bed. Fold down the upper end, leaving it untucked.

6. Place your pillows against the bed's headboard. Remember NOT to tuck them under the comforter.

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